About Us

AWRAE WARE is not just a brand, we are a community.

For me I always shop with comfort in mind as well as accounting for products that can be worn in multiple ways from sunrise to sunset.

We offer products with an aware of ways to ware

From a sustainability aspect this is also an important part of our brand, through the use of multiple wears as well as the products also being made from sustainable fibres.


The new hoodies are made from 70% Ringspun Cotton and 30% Recycled Polyester.


The new t-shirts are made from 100% Organic Ringspun combed cotton (this is a softer version of regular cotton and may be less prone to pilling)

The new tote is made from 80% Recycled Cotton / 20% Recycled Polyester

Comfort is key, we always want you to feel stylish yet snug


In the coming weeks we will be collaborating with Array of light

  • Instagram @arrayof_light


To bring our sunshine community, look books compatible to there style for the products they have purchased as part of the new drop…

^ More information and details to come on this in the next coming weeks <3